Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Follow Friday, Charity Tuesday, Teddy Bear Thursday, Caturday.....

You see them every week... #CT, #FF. They pop up with depressing regularity, in fact you've seen them for so long now that it's too late to admit your ignorance and ask #WTF they are.

Charity Tuesday, Follow Friday - basically a neat way to share the love a bit.

Friday is the one everyone goes wild for, it's TGIF for teh Twittah. It's a way of saying "Thank You" or "I Think You're Cool" or "This Person is Worth Our Attention" to the people you've been reading or tweeting during the week.

However unless you know what it's for, you're worried you'll look a bit of a twit when you join in and get it wrong. Common mistakes include:
  • doing a shout out to people you've met and not including their username
  • recommending people who have a Twitter account but never actually use it
  • recommending people who aren't even on Twitter
  • tweeting a succession of username lists with no explanation of WHY you think they're worth a follow
  • not using the #FF hashtag
  • using the hashtag in the plural when recommending more than one account (#FFS means something else entirely, trust me on this).
Do any of these and yeah, you'll look a twit; not to mention wasting your time. Remember, you're recommending these people - it's your reputation on the line if they're not easy to follow or they turn out to be total losers.

Charity Tuesday (aka #CT) is one of the spin-offs. It's a chance for charities to get a look-in without having to fight through all the other noise on a Friday. Volunteers, fundraisers and other supporters can also get some attention especially if a charity wants to cyberhug its supporter base.

So remember - get the hashtag right, make it easy to follow people and make sure you explain WHY you think they're worth it.

This is an example of how to do it right

#FF for @popplestone who is interesting, funny, clever, knows her social media and is an all-round good egg.

In fact, if you'd just like to cut and paste that, no problem...feel my guest.

You're very welcome.

Other recommended reading:
How #FollowFriday Is SUPPOSED To Work - it has better graphics too 

  *In case you were wondering - Teddy Bear Tuesday is another spin off and Caturday is the grand-daddy of them all. I am not making either of them up.


  1. Hope you continue to blog some more. Like your guide to being a Twit on Twitter!

    #FFS - really???? people do??

    1. Much thankings - suggestions for my next post will also be gratefully received.